Dubai is one of the leading investor’s friendly business hub in the world. In all business, hassle free financial transactions are playing a vital role in business growth. Bank account in Dubai offers the investors and companies very customer friendly and hassle-free services once the applicant meets apt requirements by the banks. Company bank account in Dubai process is a easy task if you know the right documentation and KYC requirements of the banks. During the time of company account in Dubai the bankers may ask further questions or supporting documents to open the bank account. So, it’s very critical to respond in this information by the applicants. We can guide you on KYC requirements , prior to starting the bank account opening in Dubai and it makes easy documentation process to the applicants.

ZEIQ can assist companies and investors to setup company in Dubai and bank account assistance for the companies .

We have a team of specialist professionals who can suggest you the bank which completely meets your business needs. Our services will save your valuable time.

Benefits you will get when you choose to open a bank account in Dubai :

• You will get a safer and reliable banking service
• Your account will be confidential
• Your account will require low maintenance cost
• You will be able to take advantage of online banking services
• You will be able to deposit and withdraw money easily