For any organisation, is a small scale company or a huge enterprise, dealing with the paperwork and governmental procedures can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially the ones that involve labour permits and trade licensing documentation. In the UAE, an institution needs to appoint a professional as a Government Liaison Officer (or the Public Relations Officer) [either in-house or via outsourcing to a consulting firm] who is responsible for handling the nitty-gritty of the PRO domain.

The PRO services are primarily focused on managing business licenses and certifications, labour registrations, permits, passport clearance, and immigration and various other legal requirements. While it is a standard procedure for any organisation, but someone entering the UAE corporate and unaware of the details of these aspects can find it profuse. Here’s where an experienced PRO service consultant can make your life easier.

What are the benefits of availing PRO services?

When setting up a business in the UAE, one may have to get past a tedious series of processes for approvals and registrations. These include approvals from the Immigration and Labour Ministries, licensing, bank account registrations, visa and labour card processing, and whatnot. Having an experienced Public Relations Officer has its merits.

  1. Keeping up with the compliance’s
    Be it a foreign or a domestic company, it is crucial to meet the regulatory requirements and be compliant with the legal norms, to avoid legal issues and regulatory inspections. The UAE has some stringent policies and violation of these can be fairly unfavorable for the business.
    When you are establishing your business in the emerging landscape like that of the UAE, you would want to focus on reaping the rewards of the market rather than being stuck in legal issues. A PRO consultant can help you stay updated on the regulatory aspects while you focus on business.
  2. Time efficiency
    Registering and licensing for the businesses as well as for the employees is a time-consuming process and can take a fairly long time; especially if you aren’t versed in the requirements and legal norms. With our dedicated professional advisory team, this process can be streamlined and our familiarity with the components and offices can make the entire process effortlessly easily.
  3. Optimized use of business resources
    Being involved in the legal processes can be an expensive affair for business. Both in terms of the involved financial resources as well as the people’s efforts. ZEIQ’s professional consultants can help optimize the efforts of your legal team, as well as utilize the financial resources in the best ways. Furthermore, we can help you with the necessary documentation and registrations that would aid the company in the long run, rather than just the immediate needs.

We, at Zeiq, offer an extravagant spectrum of PRO services that are aimed at streamlining the legal processes for our customers. To help establish their business in the UAE within the necessary regulatory terms and to guide the institution as well as its employees through the meticulous documentation and screening processes of the UAE’s governing bodies.

Our experienced consultants are well versed in the statutory requirements and regulations of the country. And are dedicated to helping your organisation to be legally compliant and safe of regulatory fines