There are no second thoughts that the UAE is one of the most attractive and opportunistic places for businesses. The emerging infrastructure and the growing market presents great potential for growth and success for individuals as well as corporations. With all that the country has to offer, a large number of aspirants wish to get a piece of the pie, and the stringent regulations of the country are in place to control this inflow. 

This, however, makes it a process tedious and exhausting for the companies. There is a significant amount of documentation, approvals, procedures, and requirements to grant a visa to an applicant. And, with the strictness of the laws, any mistake in the application can be grounds for rejection or making the process far more complicated. Furthermore, there are different kinds of visas, which offer varied kinds of permissions and serve different purposes. And without understanding the intricate details of each, it can sometimes be fairly confusing.            

Visas and work permits are a crucial part of a company’s workforce registrations and licensing. Working with a registered Visa services consultant brings a great range of benefits for the company, in terms of ease in the application process and saving time and resources. Here’s how choosing Zeiq as a Visa consultant can benefit your organisation.

  1. No hassle for document verification and attestations
    Visa applications require a load of documents that need to be filed, verified and attested before submission to the authorities. This can be confusing and troublesome, as you would have to visit different government offices for this. And, increasingly difficult if you are new to the system and local language. Our professional services can take care of these activities and save you the effort.
  2. Simplified immigrations and expats permits
    The foreign nationals are required to hold some additional work permits and approvals to be able to work in the UAE. And these permits are renewed at regular intervals. The Visa experts at Zeiq would manage all necessary immigration cards and renewals for your employees on a timely basis. 
  3. Easy and efficient trade licenses and visa applications
    Every business in the UAE requires to hold valid permits and trade licenses to operate and to do trade. These are attributed to a list of documents, permits, and procedures. Our trained Visa and licensing consultants would help you register and renew trade licenses. Alongside this, we can also assist the documents for the local authorities like the municipality and trade committees. Also, our services include work permits and visa applications for expats and their families.

With ZEIQ, you can forego your worries regarding work permits, licenses, and Visas for your business. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you through every step, and to assist you from applications, documents, and renewals. We ensure to provide you with the best available procedures that suit your case and formulate effectively and cost-efficient visa solutions. Our years to experience and exposure to the UAE’s legal system enables us to support your business with what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best.

Our Visa Services include:

• Attestation of Documents
• Chamber of Commerce / Foreign affairs attestation / Ministry of Justice / notary etc.
• Assistance for all government and semi government work.
• Processing of employment visa and renewal
• Processing of Employee Labor and immigration cards
• Processing of investor Visa and renewal
• Processing of spouse and family visa and renewal
• Registration of a new Trade License
• Yearly renewal of Trade License
• Arranging visit visa and extensions to such visas
• Processing of documents from Dubai Municipality and chamber of commerce

Benefits of Visa Services:

• Compliance
• Cost Reduction
• Hassle Free
• Time Saving
• Expense and longevity