Through the setup as well as during its lifetime, a company has to visit government offices and authorities for permits and licenses. These often are attributed with numerous documentations, attestations and processing. For an organisation entering the corporate landscape of the UAE or expanding its business, permissions are required from various ministries like the ministry of labour, immigration, commerce and others. 

These departments are responsible for providing clearances and permits to the organisation and its staff to do business and work. All these procedures are associated with a load of documentation – filing, reviews, attestations and what not. We, at ZEIQ, specialises in these legal procedures and have been providing document processing and clearing services to our clients for a long time. The UAE has an elaborate process for business registrations and permits and every business must pass through all relevant document clearance to setup their business.

These document clearance include clearance for the enterprise as well as its employees and their dependents. For someone new to the trade laws and regulations of the UAE, might face challenges and confusions during the process. Making it prone to errors and complicating their case. A professional clearance agency can help your business through the cycle and offer efficient solutions for the same.

How can we help?

ZEIQ has been a leading consultant for many organisations across varied industrial domains, aiding them with their governmental approvals and documents. We offer a range of PRO services that can streamline the legal aspects of your organisation.

  • Processing the documents for Immigrations, labour cards and permits
  • Simplified visa application and renewal processes for employees
  • Attestation and verification for legal documents from notary and government departments
  • Guided filing for legal approvals and permits from ministries
  • Assistance with governmental procedures and action plans for special cases

Along with these, we can also account for various other legal activities like contract documentation and review. Our legal experts can assist you to identify vulnerabilities and clauses that can hamper the organisation. We can ensure that your organisation is covered on all fronts and fulfills the regulations as per UAE as well as international trade laws.

Working with a certified PRO service consultant gives you a great advantage in dealing with legal constraints and registration procedures.

  1. An experienced consultant has a comprehensive understanding of the local norms and policies. This knowledge can help you dedicate your resources towards relevant paperwork and bypass tedious research.
  2. They have an experienced team that can closely study your case and suggest possible action plans to achieve the necessary outcome. This would speed up the process, help you gather necessary documents and help avoid errors.
  3. Availing external services are also cost effective and reduce your investment into legal resources. So, instead of establishing a team of your own to handle your legal matters and to get ready to deal with the challenges, you would have proved infrastructure that is well-versed with the system.
  4. The consultants can look after all the application processes and filling.  They can make sure that the deadlines are met and all requirements are fulfilled. Furthermore, their network within the system can be advantageous for the organisation.