The UAE is an emerging and expanding business destination that attracts numerous aspiring investors and businesses to its rewarding landscape. With the promising potential and growing markets, a lot of businesses are looking to expand and establish in the UAE. Like every other place, the country has a framework in place that monitors and controls the organisations that entire the business space. 

There is a complete setup of regulations and procedures of permits, licensing and certifications that each company must follow to establish their business here. Most of these legal processes use the local language and it can be fairly challenging for a foreign organisation or investor to keep up with the needs of these processes.

A legal translator and PRO agency can assist you in these processes and simplify the inconvenience of translating between languages. When translating legal documents, it is extremely important to understand the legal terminologies and procedures of the intended language. And it is significantly different from literal translations. This is crucial because any errors or incorrect use of language can expose the organisation to vulnerabilities. 

Why do you need an experienced legal translator?

In the UAE, most of the legal procedures and documentation are in the local language. This means that the companies setting up their businesses must translate their documents/ contracts in the local language for any legal work. These documents include sales contracts and agreements, licenses, certificates, employment permits etc. 

  1. A legal translator understands the intricate details of the legal terminologies, jargons and laws. This is essential to ensure that the legal documents are translated with superior levels of accuracy and the technical details of the agreements are best replicated. 
  2. They can identify the cultural and linguistic disparity between the languages and can bridge the gap in the best ways possible. So that the company holds the original legal stand in the translated documents.

Working with ZEIQS has its privileges

Zeiqs has been one of the leading legal consultants in the UAE and has assisted an enormous portfolio of businesses in their transition to the corporate landscape of the UAE. Our team of certified legal professionals can bring the best solutions for your business.

  1. We offer a complete range of translation services for different types of legal documents – government permits and registrations, business agreements, staff contracts, certificates and more.
  2. Our team follows strict guidelines to ensure confidentiality and security of the sensitive business documents. 
  3. The certified translators have years of experience and have a thorough understanding of the legal jargons and processes to ensure highest standards translation.
  4. The ZEIQS translation team can work on a wide range of language pairs and across different segments of law – commercial, immigration, certification, intellectual property and more.

Here at ZEIQS, we are dedicated to offering the best standards of services to our clients. And an important aspect of it to build trust. We are completely transparent in our processes and prices. Thus, offering you the great prices for our translation services with no hidden costs. 

Furthermore, while you transition into the new business landscape, we take up the responsibility to support your business in the best way possible. And, so provide you convenient document pick-and-drop facilities for hassle-free translation.